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Wrightsville Beach

Wilmington is a port city in North Carolina that is nestled between the outflow of the Cape Fear river and the Atlantic ocean. The city has a vibrant historic district and beach scene, with plenty of access to coastal waterways. Adjacent areas include the Outer Banks barrier islands, the Raleigh-Durham area, and the Appalachian mountain range.

We welcome all inquiries about undergraduate and graduate positions in the lab. If you think you'd might like to join us, we're happy to hear from you. 


To be considered for a graduate position, please send an email to inquiring whether a position is available. If so, please reply with 1) a detailed curriculum vitae that includes your GPA and 2) a letter of interest outlining your rationale for pursuing a graduate degree, your career goals, and your motivation for applying to the Schweikert lab. Though you do not need to commit to a project, please include research areas of interest in your statement.

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